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The first time….. On Tuesday 6th September at about 1pm while working in Tottenham, I was mugged by two unknown individuals and my mobile phone was stolen (along with it’s holster and protective case and the struggle smashed my Bluetooth earpiece). In these current harsh economic times, my job, however occasional, is important. My usual … Continue reading

Virgin Media–An update

If you read my last post, Virgin slower than HRT?, you’ll probably be wondering what has happened (and even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway). My actions had an immediate effect. Having sent the e-mail at about 9:45pm on Thursday, I received an e-mail response from the CEO’s office within an hour. … Continue reading

Virgin slower than HRT?

Today we have seen the end of one of the most tightly fought Formula One World Championships ever, and the end of the first season for three new teams, Lotus Racing, Virgin Racing and HRT. Now, before all you Formula One fans take issue with the title as being the exact opposite of the season … Continue reading