IBM i5 specialist with over 30 years of experience in Applications Design, Development and Support, Operations, Administration, Technical and System Support on the i5 (AS/400, iSeries) platform and over 35 years in total on IBM midrange systems.


  • All roles have been permanent positions
  • Breadth of experience from working in small IT teams – Roles covering experience from Operations to Project Management.
  • Support of users at all levels of business.
  • Support and development of both ‘in-house’ and commercial systems.
  • Some PC/Networking knowledge (Win98, NT 4, 2000, XP, 7 & 8 and Server 2003 [inc. AD]).
  • Some exposure to vmWare at an operational level


Languages/Operating Systems/Tools: OS/400 (to V7R1), CL, Query, RPG, SQL/400, SSA AS/Set, Robot/SCHEDULE, Robot/REPLAY, Robot/CONSOLE, RevSoft, BRMS, Movex, SAP, Manhattan WMS

Applications: Stock Control, Logistics, Manufacturing

Other: Some PC/Networking support experience


IT Operations Analyst Australian Pharmaceutical Industries 2012 –

(Wholesale suppliers and retailers (as Priceline) of Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty products to pharmacies. Redundancy due to reorganisation.)


  • Ensuring operational schedules completed without error
  • Monitoring multiple AS/400 and PC servers proactively for issues/problems
  • Managing system backups using multiple solutions (TSM, NetBackup, BRMS, eVault)
  • Providing 1st line support to users at all levels of the business
  • Administration of AS/400 systems.
  • Operations, technical and user support of both AS/400 and PC server based systems
  • Development and definition of system and application operating procedures

Key Achievements

  • Assisting in migration of ERP system (Movex to SAP)
  • Assisting in migration of job scheduling & monitoring solution (Robot to RevSoft)

IT Administrator Trelleborg Stanton 2005 – 2008

(6 week work placement 2004)

(Manufacture of rubber and plastic automotive components. Redundancy to reduce costs due to market conditions.)


  • Administration of AS/400 system.
  • Operations, technical and user support of both AS/400 and PC systems
  • Development and definition of system and application operating procedures
  • Close liaison with users at all levels of the business in enhancement definition and development, problem resolution and training

Key Achievements

  • Completed ‘stalled’ migration of OS and hardware from V4R3 to V5R3
  • Implementation of BRMS
  • Implementation of Robot/SCHEDULE and Robot/REPLAY.

Early Career

AS/400 Analyst/Programmer Stanton Rubber and Plastics 1997 – 2002

Migration from Bespoke manufacturing system to BPCS. Application support and enhancement of BPCS system.

AS/400 Analyst/Programmer Kenwood Electronics UK 1994 – 1997

Application support, enhancements, and operation of bespoke AS/400 integrated business system.

AS/400 Analyst/Programmer CSi Ltd. 1992 – 1994

Development and support of customer systems (both bespoke and package) both remotely and on site.

Technical Support Analyst/Programmer General Portfolio 1990 – 1991

Technical support of Operations and Development teams including system security, disaster recovery and performance management

Production Support Analyst/Programmer Merrett Management Services 1989 – 1990

Support of bespoke underwriting support and management system

Support Analyst/Programmer Warner-Chappell Music 1987 – 1989

Worldwide support of bespoke royalties’ collection and accounting system

Assisted in migration of systems from System/38 to AS/400

Development Analyst/Programmer Chappell Music Publishing 1986 – 1987

Development of bespoke royalties’ collection and accounting system

System/38 Analyst/Programmer March Computer Systems 1985 – 1986

System/38 Analyst/Programmer Robson Rhodes 1984 – 1986

System/38 Operator Robson Rhodes 1983 – 1984


Marital status: Married

Nationality: British

Born: 12th January 1965

Hobbies: Keen sports spectator and occasional player

Visa Information

Australia – Partner (Migrant) visa (ClassBC) subclass 100 – Valid from 16th March 2012




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