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The first time…..

On Tuesday 6th September at about 1pm while working in Tottenham, I was mugged by two unknown individuals and my mobile phone was stolen (along with it’s holster and protective case and the struggle smashed my Bluetooth earpiece).

In these current harsh economic times, my job, however occasional, is important. My usual day starts at 5:15am when my alarm goes off, leave before 7am to arrive at work before 8am, finish around 5pm, arrive home after 6pm, eat and relax until going to bed around 10pm for the 5:15am start the next day. On that Tuesday I only had time to grab a sandwich when I got home before having to go to Tottenham Police Station to make a formal statement (which took until about 10pm, so a late night for me, getting to bed around 11pm).

The second time…..

Because of what had happened and work, I had no time to pursue any insurance claim until Saturday. On going through the paperwork we discovered my fiancé’s  bank account covered both of our phones (after she’d spent three days trying to find the details on the website). By the time we discovered this, the claim line was closed until Sunday. On ringing on Sunday, we were assured that despite it being over 48 hours since the theft that there would be no problem (we made particular mention of this, as it was in the Terms and Conditions). The claim form arrived on Tuesday and was sent with all required information on Wednesday.

This morning, my fiancé received a letter from them stating that the claim had been refused because of the 48 hour limit being exceeded. This raises some questions:

  1. Why were we told that the 48 hour limit would be no problem, when clearly it was?
  2. How, exactly, was I supposed to initiate a claim within 48 hours (which would have been approximately 1pm on Thursday 8th September) when minor things like work and the stress of being the victim of a violent crime get in the way?
  3. How can the bank justify charging a monthly fee for this and other benefits when it’s almost impossible to even find the details of how to claim, thus probably making most claims invalid?

Bear in mind that the bank in question is currently advertising these benefits and saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if your bank covered this?”. I’d like to ask them “Wouldn’t it be nice if your terms and conditions actually related to real life?”, “Wouldn’t it be nice if your terms and conditions took account of you being a victim of a violent crime?”, and, finally “Wouldn’t it be nice if the monthly account fee you charged for this was something more than a cheap profit-making exercise that 99% of your customers can never make use of?”



3 thoughts on “Mugged–Twice!

  1. Stay tuned for more…..

    Posted by girlie4 | September 21, 2011, 7:15 pm
  2. The day I wrote that we went to see the bank manager ,who told us no problem , I will put in an appeal for you ..Well after waiting 9 months ,and hearing nothing , I vented at Llyods on twitter ,who then tweeted to me to ask what was wrong. Gave them my phone number ,and they called me ( almost fainted with shock ) Explained what the venting was about ,they put me through to the insurance company they use ,who said they never got the appeal and that the manager could not have done it anyway as it is a separate company . So why he told us that I have no idea , anyway , got a voice mail at 1 pm Sat to say that a new phone was being sent to me . So finally I got justice , but why was I told the manager could send an appeal in the first place ??

    Posted by girlie4 | June 5, 2012, 6:41 pm
  3. Just can’t trust the authorities to do the right thing. I also had trouble in Tottenham years ago – robbed. Police did nothing.

    Posted by jameshigham | March 7, 2017, 8:41 pm

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