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Respect–Part 3

In our garden, we have a willow tree, it’s a little wild and unkempt, but we like it that way. Because of this, obviously, some branches overhang our wonderful considerate neighbour’s garden. This gives her the right to trim any branches which overhang her garden.

On Sunday 26th July, the grass, which desperately needed cutting was finally dry enough, after the previous week’s rain, to cut. When I went to the garden to start cutting the grass, I found that our neighbour has indeed trimmed the overhanging branches, and then disposed of the trimmings over our fence.


I resisted the urge to throw it back over the fence (why should I lower myself to her level?). So, after holding off after the last incident (see Respect – Part 2), I will in the next few days be contacting the council regarding her lease and if they wish to pursue a prosecution for fly tipping.

This time, she has mixed it with the wrong person, she will not drive us out.


Today, I was going to write the e-mail to the council so that it’s in their inbox for Monday morning. While waiting for the coffee to brew, I took a look outside.

Barking and Dagenham-20110710-00002

It seems she waited until we went out for dinner to do the cutting, then for the cover of darkness to perform her second piece of fly tipping. I guess she thinks she got away with it last time as I didn’t throw it back. Little does she know she’s just digging herself a deeper hole…..

Another update

OK, after some feedback, I’ve done some research on Garden Law and found a relevant discussion thread here Garden Law Discussion Forum – Overhanging Bay Tree. The relevant part being “you must OFFER back the arisings which he can decline”. At no time has she even asked, and given the timing of the latest incident, is doing this more for nuisance value than anything.



One thought on “Respect–Part 3

  1. well done Rick .. i know how too well the little amount of respect that this person shows towards you both. all you can do is is contact the council on all the points and just maybe she has pulled the last straw and be given a section 21…. im hoping that this will happen any ways ..


    Posted by Janice Baigent | July 8, 2011, 8:55 am

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